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Socialiste et internationaliste

Je ne crois pas avoir encore présenté Thought at the Meridian, nouveau blog en anglais tenu par Frederick, un socialiste suédois (encarté ou non) internationaliste, donc favorable à la libération de l'Irak et indigné comme moi du fourvoiement d'une grande partie de la gauche. Libertaire, égalitaire, antitotalitaire: sa trinité me plaît.

Sa dernière trouvaille (même si c'est un peu exotique): une prise de position impeccable du parti frère américain (celui qui est membre de l'Internationale socialiste), Social Democrats USA. Un extrait:
American social democrats believe unabashedly that the United States is a force for good in the world. (A view most persuasively argued in recent times by the social democratic Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair.) But our citizens and our government alike need continuous encouragement if our moral influence and our diplomatic and military power are to be used effectively to assist those in other countries who share our commitments to democracy and human rights. Some conservatives consider such commitments sentimental, or a drain on our national ccapabilities. Certain liberals and leftists scorn American efforts in behalf of democracy abroad as a spurious disguise for economic and military domination – an anti-Americanism that overrides consideration of the good that so often comes from such engagement, even under Republican Administrations.

The strident anti-Americanism and magnanimity toward third world dictatorships of some who claim loudly to speak for the left are once again feeding the perception that the left cares little about freedom. As in the conflicts with communism waged by past generations of the democratic left, social democrats not only must distinguish ourselves from the false left — we must take the lead in exposing and combating it. We know this enemy better than the conservatives, we know the territory better, and we understand the damage that can be done to good people and good causes when the battles that must be waged are conducted in reckless ways.
Et Social Democrats USA de mettre en garde contre l'alliance funeste de la gauche et des syndicalistes avec des milieux altermondialistes et fondamentalistes dont la démocratie et les droits de l'homme sont le cadet de leurs soucis.

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